Local Links

Our local community is very important to us; we work hard to support the community in many of its ventures. Our most important link is with St Mary’s Church, Chidham.  We are delighted to be part of their family and look forward to Father Martin coming into school on a weekly basis.  Each term we enjoy visiting the church; you are always welcome to join us.


We have strong and long lasting links with Tuppenny Barn Organic Smallholding.  Several times a year children from Year 3 and 4 visit the site to investigate species, help with harvesting and pot up seedlings.  Very often the children return to school with their seedlings to grow and nurture in our own raised beds.  Our regular visits to Tuppeny Barn in Class 3 mean that we know about many of the foods grown and products harvested.


Within Chidham the community are also working to develop Maybush Copse, an 8 acre site of land that with the support of Chichester Harbour Conservancy is being developed into a community woodland area.  The Dell in Chidham has been redeveloped as well, with a new story telling area being developed.

We have also made and built bird boxes with the conservation team and look forward to watching them being used.

‘A visit to Maybush Copse to see our bird boxes’