Beyond the School Gates

‘Beyond the School Gates’ is a new and exciting aspect of our curriculum here at Chidham.  We are very proud of our unique position poised between Chichester Harbour and the South Downs and strongly believe our children’s education must involve outdoor learning about and in this special place.  We aim to offer a mix of Forest School Skills that relate strongly to learning about the specific habitats that flourish in our landscape.  In partnership with experts from the Chichester Harbour Conservancy and beyond we believe our children will leave Chidham with the knowledge to support and protect their environment for their future.

Here’s a video of the children working with the Harbour Conservancy – you can see just how much they enjoy the special opportunity!

In the Autumn and Summer term children will spend a week working in the local environment exploring the landscape from the harbour to the Downs.  In the Spring term the whole school will take part in a winter walk across the local area.

We have a new pond area created within our grounds – we hope you enjoy it!

These are some of our favourite snaps from the weeks!



Exploration of the outdoors in teams is essential for success – you can see how much we learnt and how hands on our learning was!