Apple Class

We enjoy using our outside area for hands-on learning experiences!

Welcome to Apple Class. We are a class of Year 1 children. Our learning each term follows a journey through some inspiring themes. Some of our favourite topics include ‘Super Heroes’, ‘Trainers, Tracks and tyres’, ‘Dragons, Giants and Castles’ and ‘The Rise of the Robots’.  Each new theme begins with a sense of excitement and anticipation. What will the role play area be this time? What activities will get us hooked? How can we build on what we already know? The children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, to think creatively and to enjoy making new discoveries. The themes are carefully chosen to cover the full range of curriculum subjects with different key areas being highlighted across the course of each year. Phonics, Literacy and Numeracy are taught daily as distinct areas with many lessons linked to an aspect of the term’s theme.

Children enrich their learning further through a half-termly take home task. This develops our strong partnership with parents and allows children to be really creative in their home learning.