Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry Class. We are a class of Reception children who are beginning our school journey and getting ready for our lives ahead. We learn the first skills needed in reading, writing and number as well as develop our creativity, our physical skills and our knowledge and understanding of the world. We love our ‘Discovery Time’ where we learn new skills and competences through play. We have the opportunity to become more confident, independent and build closer relationships to help us to work collaboratively with our new friends.

Some of our favourite topics are ‘Wild and Wonderful’ and ‘Once upon a time’ so put on your best shoes, come on board our ship and set sail on our learning journey with us!


We are excellent at working as a team and exploring the different materials around us.  Playing in the sand is one of our favourite activities – we find all sorts hidden in there to help with our learning!


Finding out about our world and it’s animals is a very important part of our school day.


Maths is essential to our learning – we start learning our numbers right from the start!

Click on the word Cherry to watch our reading video Cherry Reading

 More than anthing we enjoy reading a story!