Chestnut Class

Welcome to Chestnut Class. In Year 2 we work in partnership with Year 1 in Apple Class and share the same topics. Mrs Mesney and Mrs Parkin are our class teachers and along with Mrs Joyce they make sure we have lots of fun while we learn. We love learning outdoors as much as possible; in our school grounds and also beyond the school gates. We have lots of trips that help us to understand where we live, it’s history and why our local environment is so special.

We often have themed days in school to help bring our topics to life such as: experiencing a flight to India, a day on board the Titanic and jousting and medieval dancing during Castle Day.

We also love using the i-Pads in Chestnut Class. They help us with everything from our spellings, number work and coding to creating posters and recording our creations.  We enjoy sharing our work and experiences on Seesaw so everyone at home can see what we have been up to.


We also have a very special member of Chestnut Class. His name is Einstein and he is a Siberian Hamster.  We are learning what his needs are and how we can take good care of him.  Being nocturnal he is often asleep in the day but maybe this is a good thing so he doesn’t distract us too much!